Shubhayan and Cristina

Hello Football Fans! We grew up loving the World Cup! In 2010 we finally made our dream come through by attending the World Cup in South Africa. It was everything we expected and more! We did not just go to the World Cup we went nine group matches, the Third place match and the Opening and the Final, in between all this we managed to visit a lot of the major cities in South Africa, go on Safari at Kruger Park and visit Swaziland. We learned a lot about attending a World Cup which is unlike any other sporting event.

When the 2014 World Cup came to Brazil we were ready to go to the tune of 16 matches, including the Opening in Sao Paulo and the Final at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. During the match between Host Brazil and the eventual champions Germany Shubhayan was deemed the saddest “Brazilian Fan” by the media upon the defeat of Brazil by Germany 7-1.

World Cup

We love the World Cup and we love travel!

In the next few months we will be providing additional tips for attending the Russia World Cup in 2018.

During our travels around the world we have found that certain things always remain true. You need to plan-ahead, stay flexible and enjoy the moment! We travel for business as well as for pleasure, for us it is important to have good internet connectivity which allows us to work remotely. Our group of companies focuses on providing investment opportunities, infrastructure projects in Latin America and technology solutions to different industries - areas of specialty include infrastructure development, investment, defense, government contracts, health care and real estate. We also focus on specialized software development, cloud solutions, and manage a portfolio of over 8000 websites in the medical, audiology, dental and real estate industries. We are lucky that we can work on a lot of our projects remotely and this enables us to travel more.

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